Friday, 2 May 2014

Desert heat

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Photos by Fendi Yasuda

H&M crochet-fringe kimono, black turtleneck swimsuit top, thrifted high-waisted shorts, Forever21 backpack

For unbearably bipolar weather that alternates between dreary downpour and humid heat, there's always the trusty and unconventional combo of breezy outerwear, short shorts and an old swim suit. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the amount of accidental alliteration in that sentence? Ok. But seriously though, this swim suit top doubles as a turtleneck and dries off really fast if ever caught in the rain. Now who says fashion can't be practical, hmm?

Also how vivid is this space?! No, these photos weren't shot along the bustling streets of Mexico but the walls, rich with colour and dry desert heat of the afternoon definitely added to the ~mehicana~ feels. ¡Olé! Oh and speaking of feels, my friend Fendi has recently launched his online portfolio showcasing some of his amazing work - check him out here.

Saturday, 26 April 2014


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_DSC8251 copy

Photos by Raphael Ong

Cotton On blazer, Giordano baby blue button down stolen from brother, black Uniqlo jeans with DIY-ed rips, Topshop cut out boots  

Inside out blazer, brother's button down A Wang-style, and exposed knees/feet? No, I wasn't trying to be cute by intentionally wearing my blazer inside out but yes, I did get a lot of stares. Hold on, though. There's a perfectly reasonable explanation for why I look like so... (for lack of a better word) undone.

24th April 2013 saw the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh, resulting in 1129 sweatshop workers being crushed to death despite warnings that the building was unsafe. To date, the incident is considered one of the deadliest of the modern fashion industry and has raised much controversy about how our clothes may be the by-products of such unethical working conditions in the supply chain. But to spark a change in the industry, awareness is key - that's why this year, Fashion Revolution Day was born. 

Knowing where your clothes come from allows you to be in control of where your money goes. After all, it's not just clothes or accessories you're buying, but a whole web of human connections and value. The global movement of wearing our clothes inside out encourages us to view our clothes in a different perspective - to think about where our clothes come from, and to be curious. To ask. 

And it's not just about ethical fashion, but sustainable fashion too. Making your clothes go further and reinventing them, if you will. A lot of times we pine for "trendy" pieces that lose their appeal in a few months - ripped jeans, for example. You want that ripped black pair in Topshop when you forget that you already have black jeans (that you don't wear often) hanging in your closet. So DIY them. Give them a new identity. Save money! Honour the effort of the person that made your clothes. That's what I did to mine and hey, no regrets. 

 So in the spirit of Fashion Revolution Day, there'll be a whole day of events and workshops at *SCAPE - including a clothes swap, DIY workshop and a fashion show featuring upcycled garments. Head on down to show your support, or check out their website to find out how else you can get involved. I know this blog post is uncharacteristically long, but as fellow purveyors of style and fashion, I do want to urge you to join us in sparking a change in the industry. It might not seem like much and I know this sounds incredibly cliché, but your efforts do count in making a change.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Spring has sprung

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_DSC8109 copy

Photos by Raphael Ong


Thrifted oversized striped top, Zara skirt, floppy hat from Forever 21, H&M polka-dotted socks, Nike sneakers stolen from brother

Back from the land of the rising sun in today's outfit, fresh off the SD card. Super stoked to be sharing this with you guys because of a new-found favourite acquisition - this printed structured skirt that's somewhere between the skater and A-line silhouette, in an obnoxious, almost unrelenting print. It just speaks of all things bright and sunny, which makes this crazy heat we've been having a wee bit more tolerable.

And of course, always a creature of habit, I clashed print-on-print with a wide-striped men's turtleneck thrifted in Tokyo, then echoed navy in choice of footwear (once again, stolen from the brother). And while I miss the real deal, a celebration of the sakura-wannabes that have exploded all over the island isn't too bad either, huh?

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

#throwback New Year's Eve

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F2850019-1 copy

Photos by Zoe Fan 

H&M cropped top and moto jacket, tulle skirt from Japan and chunky platforms from Xccelerate

 In the spirit of #throwbacktuesday, just a quick post of some recently developed stills shot just before New Year's, featuring a pseudo pouty/sulky face and plastering our faces to the storefronts of luxury brands. Oh the things we do just for the camera... Head over to the über-talented Zoe's page to check out more of her work, or click here to see what other shenanigans we got up to that day.

On a side note... Is it really April already?!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Red is rad

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4 copy

Photos by Gabrielle Lee
Silver Surfer tee from the brother, thrifted tartan skirt, Haji Lane faux croc-skin envelope bag, socks from H&M and 2750 Supergas

So post-brunch we found this gem of a lane adorned with bright red doors and a half-dying plant - #ootd-worthy, definitely. Unfortunately due to certain circumstances, framing was completely off in most of the photos and my OCD forbid me to post that so... TA-DA. Appropriately popart-ish to match the tee I'm wearing (which is undoubtedly my favourite item to steal from the brother's closet)? Not quite sure if that was meant to be a statement or question and am currently too tired to reconsider that sentence structure so like much of life's experiences, its open to interpretation.

But I digress. Played this tee up with a $3 (!!!) thrifted tartan skirt, worn sneakers and faux croc-skin for a somewhat graduated schoolgirl silhouette in a sort of pre-celebration of an upcoming school trip to Tokyo. Because schoolgirls and sushiland just click right? Or is that just my own weird mental association? Let me know.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Summer uniform

_DSC6258 copy
_DSC6275 copy
_DSC6264 copy
_DSC6240 copy
_DSC6270 copy
_DSC6299 copy

Photos by Raphael Ong 


 Zara poplin flared blouse, skorts from Bangkok, Taobao 3.1 Phillip Lim-inspired mini Pashli, brother's New Balances, Forever 21 floppy hat and holographic earrings

Keeping casual and cool (literally) in my summer uniform of late - a fuss-free flared blouse, skorts, sneakers, an obnoxiously huge floppy hat and subtle holographic bling. It's basically the perfect outfit for whatever. Adventuring/cafe hopping? Check. Running errands? Check. Going for a meeting? Check. Also, plus points for the flared blouse that doubles up as a food baby cover up - practicality! Check check check. 

And yes this outfit is reminiscent of a Polyvore look I posted awhile back. Guess I'm still not over the contrast of flowy pieces against structured ones OR monochromatic juxtaposition. Can you really blame me? More often than not, black and white just... works.

Monday, 17 February 2014


IMG_6809 copy IMG_6933 copy
IMG_6968 copy

Photos by Daniel Chan

1. Silver Surfer tee stolen from brother, tulle skirt from Japan, denim jacket thrifted in Bangkok
2. Weluvmeow psychedelic botanical-print shirt, geometric shorts from Forever21, H&M leather moto
3. Crop top & crochet kimono from H&M, Zara silk crepe pants

Just a quick post with some shots my group and I shot for our magazine project, MONØ - contrasting frilly tulle with my favourite graphic tee (that isn't technically mine but hey, what's family for), pattern on pattern and a ninja-esque, appropriately monochromatic outfit. Meanwhile, on a somewhat related note, I mourn the fact that the current heatwave has thereby diminished any ability to don any sort of outerwear (which evidently, I'm inclined to). Sigh.

Anyway, I'm finally back to updating this space - school's been insane but with all assignments down and just 2 papers to go, I'm all ready to welcome the long-awaited holidays with open arms. And to think that'll mark the end of my second year of poly! Time passes way too fast... Nonetheless I'm excited (and scared as hell) for the things to come! Including a 2 week trip where I'll stuff my face with bowls of ~authentic~ ramen and fresh Tsukiji sashimi. CAN'T. FRICKIN'. WAIT.